I had to replace the battery pack of my four years old Eaton 5P 1150 UPS, because the device have had activated the Replace battery alarm.

Battery replacement

The battery pack contains two 12V/9Ah maintenance-free sealed lead-acid battery.

I bought two brand new quality batteries and I replaced the old ones. Eaton made a nice video.

After rebooting the UPS, the Replace battery alarm was still in activated state.

  1. I waited until the batteries got fully charged - the alarm still persisted.
  2. I launched quick and deep battery tests - the alarm still persisted.
  3. I did a factory reset.
  4. I did not found any possibility in the UPS menu that can clear the Replace battery alarm.
Even the official documentation does not give any instruction, on how to clear the Replace battery alarm.

Flashing the firmware

Finally, I downloaded a new firmware for that UPS from the Download - Eaton 5P UPS Firmware & Configuration site. I had to download also the Eaton's setUPS tool.

I installed setUPS on a Windows 10 machine and connected the UPS to my notebook via the USB port.

The firmware re-flashing erases all settings of the UPS and cleares the Replace battery alarm also. I have further four years before the next firmware re-flashing.

USB errors during flashing

If the flashing procedure fails, the UPS does not start and blinks all leds. It seems, that this type of UPS have a built-in USB bootloader. When the UPS does not boot, but the setUPS tool recognizes an USB BOOTLOADER device, you can force the firmware flashing.

A hypervisor and USB passthrough can break the USB connection during the flashing procedure - prefer Windows running on the physical machine.